What are you working towards?

The sink is full of dishes.

Dog hair is floating on the living room floor.

Each bathroom has it’s own grimy funk begging to be cleaned.

All of this is true, and still, I sit in front of my laptop with a calm confidence that this is work time.

The quick thought that sweeping would only take a second doesn’t pull me away from my summer office (aka my back porch). The need for order and tidiness doesn’t tug at my brain making it impossible to focus.

This is work time and I know it. I’m here. I’m fully present. I’m focused…

and I know exactly why.

I’ve already answered the most important question: what are you working toward?

I know my goal and the why behind my goal.

For work: I’m working toward finishing this blog post. For home: My goal is a “company clean” house… on Friday.

Knowing these goals makes the decision to sweep or not to sweep easy. The best time to sweep would be just before our guests arrive, that makes right now the best time to work on this blog post.

How to prioritize your tasks and your time

Prioritizing your tasks and your time starts with understanding what you’re working toward and why.

This works for both long term and short term goals. For now, let’s practice this habit by setting a short term goal.

Like with most things, aligning goals with actual daily tasks takes practice.

Name the goal. Pick a goal you feel strongly about accomplishing this week. It can be for work or life.

Name the why. This is a big one. Knowing the reason your goal is important to you will help you identify tasks. It’s also great for keeping you motivated.

Brainstorm the tasks it will take to reach that goal. Put a star next to the most important of the tasks or add number order if these things need to go in sequence.

Set dates or times to the tasks. Things that are scheduled actually happen. It’s a commitment to the task and an action plan.

You can easily do this on a piece of paper or you can print out the prioritizing tasks worksheet.

Once you get the hang of this process for short term goal try it out for your long term goals!

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