What other business women are saying...

Kara - Owner/Creator of JoysofBoys.com
I love the creative side of running a business. I never run out of ideas and that often gets me into trouble because until I started working with Jill, I didn’t have a way to organize all of my thoughts and ideas.

I found myself on the brink of shutting down my business that I used to love because of the anxiety it was causing me.

Jill gave me a system to organize all of my ideas that I had stashed inside my head, phone, and dozens of notebooks and on sticky notes in my office.

I feel as though I can dream again because I now know how to organize my business in a way that gets me excited instead of anxious and overwhelmed.
Kara - Owner/Creator of JoysofBoys.com
Amber - Speaker, Writer and Consultant
When I first started to meet with Jill, I was just beginning my consulting and speaking business.

I was struggling to focus and to find direction as I transitioned into working for myself.

With Jill's help, I found value in the work that I do- I was able to treat my work as a business instead of a hobby.

I was surprised by how much encouragement I felt (knowing Jill believes in me is a phenomenal motivator!) and how good a fresh perspective was for my overall health- both as a woman and an entrepreneur.
Amber - Speaker, Writer and Consultant
Amanda - Owner/Creator of Notjustcute.com
Jill helped me to process my overwhelm and focus on the right priorities.

Her personality and approach are both so calming and clarifying. Meeting with her helped me to quiet the noise and take real action.

Even when I wasn't meeting my goals, she helped me to examine my process and adjust my thinking so that I would be set up for future success (rather than expecting pressure and guilt to make the change).

Jill has gift for seeing unique options and approaches I hadn't considered.
Amanda - Owner/Creator of Notjustcute.com

"You need Jill." - Amanda Morgan