Setting Routines for Success

I’m a plant person.

I wasn’t a plant person but I bought a plant. Then I bought a lot of plants. Now I’m a plant person.

I love my plants.

I was watering one of my plants the other day and it suddenly occurred to me that taking care of my plants isn’t that different than taking care of myself.

This plant I was watering is my most difficult plant, it has very specific and particular needs. It struggled when it came to me. It took a while for me to figure out exactly how to help it thrive.

I know quite a bit more about this plant now, but I’m still learning.

Here’s what I know now:

  • This plant doesn’t like to be sprayed on the leaves.
  • This plant doesn’t like to live on the shelf in the downstairs bathroom… the place I bought it for.
  • It does like to sit outside for just a little bit every week.

Do you know what I never did while I was learning about this plant?

I never asked why it couldn’t just take in water the way I wanted to give it. I never asked it to figure out how to be happy in the bathroom. I never asked it… please just be like all the other plants.

Instead, I asked this plant what it needed. I asked it what environment would support it, what habits and routines would help it grow.

Before I get to where I’m headed, you and me taking care of ourselves with that same love, I have to admit I’m not perfect.

There’s another plant that I wasn’t this kind to.

That plant, tall and strong when it came to me, withered quickly. It turned brown and drooped. I asked some very unkind things of that plant.

Why don’t you like the amount of water I’m giving you? All plants like water. Why can’t you be like all the other plants?

You’re supposed to be…

You should be…

What’s wrong with you…

The funny thing about this plant, tall and strong again, is that once I started to pay attention it became my easiest plant. It does like water, sprayed on its soil once a week.

When I changed the environment and habits this plant thrived. And it thrived quickly.

You and I are just like these plants.

If your environment and habits demand unrealistic things of you, put you in a position to work against your natural rhythms or leave you in chaos… you can’t ever feel successful.

However, if you build habits and routines that support your natural tendencies you’ll thrive easily. If your environment fills you up, success comes automatically.

If you want to go deeper with this, schedule a discovery call. You and I can start the process of finding what setting up for success looks like for you.