90-Day Priority Map - Strategy Session

Unclear work goals create uncertainty, overwhelm and even working mom guilt.

Priority Mapping connects the tasks you’re doing everyday with your long term goals.

This clear and direct plan sets you up for a work life you can be excited about. 

I can help you map your priorities & ...

Build confidence in your daily schedule

When your everyday task list connects directly to your goals, every work moment is valuable

Break down your long term goals

A clear path releases the overwhelm of big, scary goals and allows you to focus on the next step

Create a business life that fuels Family Life

An intentional work life fills you up… allowing you to bring your best self to the ones your love

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Your Priority Map Session

1:1 Coaching

  • 90 minute virtual meeting
  • 2 weeks of Voxer support
  • 30 minute follow-up meeting 


  • Name your long term priorities
  • Map out daily and weekly tasks
  • Build habits that support success

Customized Tools

  • Scheduling
  • Daily routines
  • Materials to guide you through the next 90 days

I used to sit down in my office each day and not know where to start. 

I never run out of ideas and that often gets me into trouble because until I started this program, I didn’t have a way to organize all of my thoughts and ideas

Jill’s Priority Map helped me to look at all of those ideas and prioritize them into a way that would help me actually reach my goals.

Now my vision for my business is clear and the tasks I need to complete each day/week are clearly laid out for me. No more overwhelm or wasting time trying to figure out what is next. 

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